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Brand Design And Strategy


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Award-winning Content Designer with 5+ years of experience developing creative and innovative content solutions in a fast-paced environment. I am creative writer and media designer. I have worked on contract with many high-end entertainment clients like Netflix and HBO Max, adjusting key art and formatting for various templates. Additional experience includes designing content for food brands, like Papa John’s and Del Taco.

Areas of Expertise: 

Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Community Engagement, HTML Language, Brand Development, Team Leadership, Client Engagement, and Email Marketing

Industry Expertise:

Startup, Entertainment, Nonprofit, Advertising, Communications, and Marketing

Feel free to reach out to me directly on LinkedIn or Julian.rucker@gmail.com.


I'm not some fancy fine art photographer but I do have the skills to get out into the field and start shooting. I've taken various photos for brochures and press releases at previous employers.


I am skilled at both vector illustration and hand-drawn illustration. I can design Custom Illustrations for Editorial Graphics, Infographics, and Icon Design.


They call me Traplord_Spooky GIF Wizard. My passion is combining GIFs, illustrations, and photography to create a visual style that is all my own. Link 1 Link 2

One of the most challenging aspects of life is that we are constantly called upon to stand tall with no one beside us. However challenging it may be, I cherish these moments. These are moments that shape me. Because I realize that despite the fact that I may feel alone, there were many others that came along to help ground my foundation. I live everyday in appreciation to those who have helped me to stand on my own when needed. #perspective #greatandgrateful #jpdls #journey
traplord_spooky @traplord_spooky / 35 min.
Going up the hill is always so hard. There are so many obstacles in our way. Distracting us from what our real goal is. Once we reach the top we look back on all we've been through. I live everyday with the hope that when I finally make it to the top that I like what I see. That I can be proud of the way hat I made it through this journey. #struggle #greatandgrateful #jpdls #perspective #journey
traplord_spooky @traplord_spooky / 35 min.
We, all who live, have A life that is lived And another life is thought, And the only life we have It's the one that is divided In right or wrong. " - Fernando Pessoa #perspective.
traplord_spooky @traplord_spooky / 35 min.