Great Lakes State Apparel Brand

Vision: Apparel Brand Selling Michaigan and Detroit themed t-shirs, sweaters, hats, decals, and accesories for all ages.

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Mission Statement

Seasonal Graphics Designs
Mailchimp and Shopify Design
Digital Marketingr

Our role was to develop a cohesive brand strategy for the Great Lakes State. They had a logo and their existing business, and they came to us to add charater to their brand and develop it over time with website maitinence, banner graphics, email campaigns, social media management, and Digital Marketing Services

Website Banner Graphics
Mailchimp Layout
Social Media Graphics

Produced by:
Mo Marketing + PR

Team Members:
Blake Moore, Elizabeth Arnott, Jake Rappanotti, Alex Bartlett

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Apparel Great Lakes State

Apparel Great Lakes State

Apparel Great Lakes State

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