Fresh Bites: Cooking At Essex Street Market
What is Fresh Bites?
Fresh Bites is a new live cooking program at Essex Street Market featuring guest chefs, food bloggers, and TV personalities sharing their recipes and expertise with Market shoppers. This live cooking, tasting, and talk-based event brings fan-favorite guest chefs teaching us how to prepare special dishes from their culture. Participants who attend this Fresh Bites cooking demo will taste a fresh batch of dishes prepared, seeing how it’s traditionally prepared, and engage in an intimate discussion about the role food plays in immigration.
Fresh Bites: Cooking At Essex Street Market Pt.2
Why pt.2?
Fresh Bites pt. 2 was rebranding that occured. What started out as small cooking demonstration class. Has now become a city funded educational experience. The program is a free class on teaching healty vegetable based recipes to the residents of the Lower East Side, that is hosted at the Essex Street Market.
To coinside with that, we set out to create a whole new kit of parts that would be better suited for a long term program like this. This included new promotional posters and signage, recipe cards, informational postcards and a whole lot more illustrations.
New Illustrations
Recipe Cards