Live 6 Alliance and The 6 Mile Dream Team

Our Project: How might we create a tool that excites new and existing people about the opportunities in the corridor and how to be a part of it?

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Working with my impact project partner the Liv6 Alliance, we approached the project thinking about how to create a tool they could use to help attract new businesses to a neighborhood exploding with growth and change! Partially as a result of Detroit’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund this area was selected as a part of Mayor Mike Duggan’s plan to clean up two dozen commercial corridors throughout the city. With all of this new attention being paid to the area we thought to shine a spotlight on 6 mile and invite some of the current businesses owners who have been in the area for a minute to share their stories and extend an invitation to new business owners.

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Live 6 Alliance

Partner Liaisons:
Jeremey Lewis, Jevona Watson, Raymond Ware, Ms. Rhonda, Angela Vincent

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6 Mile Dream Team

6 Mile Dream Team

Angela Vincent

Jevona Watson

Raymond Ware

Ms. Rhonda

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