Midtown Viaduct Competition Entry The Impact of Public Art on Society
My thesis for BFA in Graphic Design from the College for Creative Studies. My goal was to show the impact that public art has on a society that is recovering from a shock be it an economic one like we faced in the city of Detroit, or an emotional shock. At the time there were a lot of negative headlines about the city and there was just a general negative sentiment about the city. My goal was to use public art to promote a more positive idea about the city and to inspire people with a message to get people to think what the possibilites are to create something new in the city and do something different. That Detroit is a city ripe for change and that the city was everyone's to shape.
Entries will be judged according to the following criteria: + Conceives an imaginative transformation of space and conceptual design + Combines art and function to create a friendlier environment that promotes use of the space + Creates a signature presence for the viaducts that encourages daytime and nighttime interaction + Provides adequate and artfully designed lighting + Utilizes sustainable building materials and is feasible to maintain + Contributes to TechTown’s identity as a hub of innovation
My solution was based on the locations of the viaducts which serve as a connection of two important colleges Wayne State Universities Tech Town facility, and the College for Creative Studies: Taubman Center campus. On Cass Ave and 2nd Ave. My goal was to create a piece of public art that would serve as a bridge between art/design and science/technology. I believe this relationship to be very critical to the future of humanity, but also to the resurgence of the city of Detroit. Many of my ideas about forming a bridge between art and science relate to John Maeda's work on the idea of changing S.T.E.M. to S.T.E.A.M. http://stemtosteam.org and focusing on the role art has to play in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Creativity is important in all of those programs because it teaches the brainstorming and critical thinking to the problems that those fields have to solve. The solution was to use the arches to frame a message that encompassed all of those ideas. Poem:This is our time like stars we’ll shine working hard to advance our minds Oh what a world of which we’ll find Just beyond the veil of time Set adrift in Knowledge sea contents of which shall set us free As we set on Our duty’s path An amazing world we’re sure to craft The world of wealth We’re destined to have
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