Yale Bologna Festival 2013
Bologna "The King of Meats"
Every summer in late July tourists descend on Yale to celebrate bologna, the king of meats with a 3 day weekend event that closes the streets and transforms this small community of just under 2,000 to a gathering of over 20,000 Bologna starved party-goers! A tradition in Yale since 1989, this festival has grown considerably since its humble beginnings. The festival draws people from all around Michigan as well as other states, eager to see who will be the next King and Queen of Bologna. The Bologna Festival includes such eventsas the famed outhouses races, a street dance, fireworks and a parade down Main Street that continues to grow each year. T.J. Minnie sold his first bologna in 1906 from a small shop located downtown on Main Street. Since then, a proud history of making first class bologna is still carried on today by C.Roy Inc., a company founded by Cecil Roy and still run by the Roy family.

My solution was to create a poster that conveyed the idea of this festival. One of the things that I took from the research was idea of celebrating Bologna as the "King of Meats" I found this to be odd because in my experience, I had never seen bologna command such respect. So I wanted to create a poster for the event that would showcased bologna as a king. Sitting atop his throne of bread, with his crown watching over the rest of the meats. I chose a very fun round font to take care of the job, because I felt that is shared some of the same formal qualities of a bologna sausage. Using the phrase "More Bologna Less Boloney" to illustrate the point of the legitimacy of the Bologna they make in Yale, MI
Research Photos
Process Work