Julian Rucker

I am open minded and humble. I'm also someone who is used to wearing a lot of hats. I am looking to see what, and whom I may learn from next. I appreciate any help anyone has to offer me. I will execute any task given and I will complete it diligently and humbly. I believe my purpose in life is to serve others. And I hope do to that by sharing my unique perspective on design and life.


I'm not some fancy fine art photographer but I do have the skills to get out into the field and start shooting. I've taken various photos for brochures and press releases at previous employers.


Skilled at both vector illustration and hand drawn animation. I am able to design and/or source assets quickly based on sketches, draft slides, data. In addition to creating a wide range of illustrations with a very quick turnaround time. Icon and Editorial Illustrations.


One of my passions is to create short 2-D animations for social media. I can combine vector graphics and photography. I create and collect all of my own assets.